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Blockchain : Business Solutions, R&D and Training Academy

Tailored blockchain development and training services, designed to give more power to you and your business.


Blockchain Scotland?

We are passionate about blockchain. We provide tailored business solutions for your organisation and training for your team. Working across all industries, our dedicated team can build blockchain solutions to meet your requirements and integrate this new technology into your existing systems.


Robert Neate is CEO and founder of Blockchain Scotland Ltd. After successfully trading in crypto currency for over 5 years, Robert decided to start his own Blockchain company. Blockchain Scotland successfully runs one of Scotland’s largest Blockchain data centres as well as providing Blockchain solutions to businesses. In 2018 Blockchain Scotland partnered with Multibuy Group to provide a tailored Blockchain for their ecommerce network. We have established a team and network of developers that can provide tailored solutions across industries and have recently added Blockchain training to our services, led by our CEO Robert Neate in partnership with “Blockchain Training Alliance”


Our mission is to become market leaders in the development, implementation, training and education of Blockchain solutions. Our team passionately believes in the benefits that incorporating the right Blockchain solution can bring to modern day organisations. As businesses start to adopt Blockchain solutions they will also need to retrain staff to understand this new way of working and we can provide training to meet any requirements. As the global business giants begin to implement the technology into their systems, it is becoming public knowledge that Blockchain will be the future of data transactions and at present there is a deficit of people with the skills and knowledge within this field.

Meet the team

Robert Neate​

CEO and co-founder of Blockchain Scotland, Robert has over 8 years experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency.​ Robert has completed “The Oxford Blockchain Stategy Programme” and is a certified instructor with “The Blockchain Training Alliance”. He is also an ICOBench Expert.

Chris Stewart

Chief Operations Officer with 15 years of business experience building micro enterprises into large organisations.​

Daniel Potts​

Chief Integrations Officer with 11 years of experience in corporate business and the public sector.​

Paul Stewart​

Chief Business Officer with 15 years B2B experience as a service manager​

Mandy Stewart​

Senior Administrator with over 10 years experience as an office manager.​

Niall Patterson

Senior web developer and graphic designer.

Scott Graham

Social Media Marketing Manager.

Laura Murray

Support co-ordinator.

Ryan Corbett

Head of Solutions Architecture and Training

Have a new story or a concept?

Endless Options

Our blockchain development can cater for almost every industry. Anything which involves the exchange of assets and information has the possibility to move onto a blockchain. 

Fully Adjustable

Blockchain development can be constantly updated to keep up with the pace of your business. Unlike traditional data systems, blockchain can easily adapt without causing disruption. 

Clients First

Our clients are our priority and we will always provide you with the best service. Whether your knowledge of blockchain is expansive or minimal, we are here to guide you through this revolutionary technology. 

White paper creation

To enable complete transparency with our customers, we can create a full whitepaper for you. Explaining how we will improve  your business processes. 

100% Security

Our blockchains are completely immutable, hash encrypted and permission enabled. This means that transaction data cannot be tampered with, is unhackable and can only be viewed by participants with permission.

Global Solutions

We are a global company having worked across almost every continent. Wherever your organisation is based, we can provide solutions for you.

Blockchain Development

Powerful, cutting edge technology, delivered at an enterprise level from the very best. Keep your company on top of the latest tech set to protect data, streamline operations and propel efficiency.

DApp Design & Development

Bring us your idea, we’ll bring you the experts to develop it. Design and development of your dApp brought to you with complete transparency and support. We can work across and suitable APIs and specialise in Ethereum networks.

03. Smart Contracts

Save on legal fees, reduce contract execution time and increase your paper trail security with a smart contract from Blockchain Scotland. Our smart contracts can be tailored to any industry or organisation, cutting out the need for middle men to regulate contractual conditions. We work with you to create any self-executing contract you may require.

Blockchain Training

Keep yourself and your staff educated in the latest blockchain technology practices and operations. On-site training in any location, instructor led courses, on-demand online courses, study guides and certification cover all areas to bring the most convenient training for you anytime, anywhere. Get training in courses ranging from “Blockchain Basics” through to a high tier “Blockchain Developer” courses. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Put simply a Blockchain is a ledger that is distributed over a network, this allows participant computers to reach consensus on the validity of the data without the need for trust. The distributed nature of Blockchain means it is also highly tamper-proof with no single point of failure. To put that into context currently the bitcoin network has an average of over 10,000 computers or nodes running on the network at any one time.

A private Blockchain is a Blockchain which is hosted from your own private servers rather than public ones. This allows the implementation of access permissions and the rights of data to be owned by a specific party.

In simple terms, public Blockchains can receive and send transactions from anybody in the world. They can also be audited by anybody, and every node has as much transmission power as any other. Before a transaction is considered valid, it must be authorized by each of its constituent nodes via the chain’s consensus process. As long as each node abides by the specific stipulations of the protocol, their transactions can be validated, and thus add to the chain

Smart contracts are programs which automatically begins a contract upon being triggered by pre – specified events. For example a smart contract can be programmed to release funds following a certain action.

A Blockchain app is the front end of your usable Blockchain. This allows the user to easily access the uses and features of the Blockchain on a user friendly platform. Our programmers can create a custom app for your Blockchain.

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