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MB8 Coin Press Release

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The company released an official email to all customers and those that followed the instruction have already had Eurocredit Plus amounts exchanged to MB8 Coin. If you have not yet had this exchange done, Please email support@mb8coin.io with your name email address and account details so that the MB8 Coin dedicated support team may review this on your behalf and advise you on how to proceed. Eurocredit Classic convertions are scheduled to take place in the coming weeks.

Eurocredit Classic will be converted in the coming weeks.

As we have already covered this is iminent and will happen in the following weeks, information will be emailed to those that this is relevant to.

The Genesis block will be created before the end of the ICO, shortly after this is created customers will receive details to download their wallet. Total tokens held by customers will then be issued in MB8 Coin. You should be able to view token balances in your MB8 Coin.io account and, your referral account will be transferre into your mb8coin.io account in preperation for distribution shortly after the ICO concludes.

Some exchanges already provide the opportunity to exchange any listed cryptocurrency directly to Fiat without first moving the coin to Bitcoin so the answer to this is yes and we will provide further information on exchanges that provide this faciliaty once MB8 Coin is listed on them. We are continually exploring a varity of implementation solutions to provide MB8 Coin to Fiat Exchange.

At the moment there is lack of official information to confirm the answers to these questions with certainty, however it currently looks like regulated coins will be able to be listed on all exchanges – both regualted and unregualted, Unregulated coins will only be able to go on unregulated exchanges not regulated exchanges..

Submitting KYC in their company name would be one of the easiest ways to achieve this, however I would suggest they first send an email to support@mb8coin.io with the name and/or ammendments they want made, the name they want on the account to be registered in so that we may change this on their behalf and guide them on information that may be required.

MB8 Coin applications will be submitted immediately after the 31st of March for multiple exchange listings and both the application forms and communication with exchanges has been process ahead of now. That said the acceptance date and the exact date MB8 coin goes live on exchanges is not something the company can control and this will be dependant on individual exchanges so timeframe is not something we can speculate on. Advance applicaions to excahgnes has been on hold due to our hopes of regulaton being complete.

MB8 Coin will be submitted to multiple exchanges as mentionned, we cannot confirm which exchanges will accept MB8 Coin as this will be subject to application acceptence.

We have already touched on this one, balances will be combined shortly after ICO in preperation for distribution.

We have already touched on this one, balances will be combined shortly after ICO in preperation for distribution.

We have already touched on this one, balances will be combined shortly after ICO in preperation for distribution.

It is the responsibility of individual users to use QT wallets on the network should they want to participate in staking, the company will provide information on how to download and run a QT wallet. Customers will have the ability to transfer their MB8 Coin between wallets.

MB8 Coins will be distributed intially to a web based wallet and users will be sent login information and instruction on how to login and use this. From this wallet customers can then send some or all of their MB8 Coins to any supported wallet/exchange of thier choice.

MB8 Coin tokens that have been purchased or exchanged for Eurocredit Plus can be accessed in your dashboard at mb8coin.io if you are having any difficulty accessing this account please contact support@mb8coin.io MB8 Coin earned by affiliates are accessable through mb8referral.com once again if you do not having your login information please contact support@mb8coin.io so that the company dedicated support team may asssist you.

The company already has products and services that are available to use in conjuction with MB8 Coin, this in its self well help the coin have value and stand out above most competitors. The company will be streamlining services moving forward based on community feedback and is proud to operate a consumer driven business. The introduction of more businesses, services and products is the primary objective of the company in order to potentially increase the value of MB8 Coin.

There are many ways the community can help the value of MB8 Coin and this will be delivered through direct communication with the community from the company. Additionally up front feedback on what customers want to see is essential so that the company may evaluate the best ways to deliver value through products and services offered in line with the expectations and preferences of the customers.

Although we have the ability to do this using a web based wallet this is not a function we will make available at the start as we require QT wallets to be downloaded to ensure network stability.

Multibuy platforms will secure the value of MB8 Coin at a minimum of 1 euro for part payment on products and up to 100% payment on travel. If the price of MB8 Coin goes above 1 euro it will then be able to be used for full payment on any/all services offered by the company.

Yes, if you have more than one account once you receive your MB8 Coins you will have the ability to transfer these to a single wallet should this be your preference.

Yes, all coins will be combined into a single wallet as discussed in previous questions.

This question has already been covered, to reiterate – Submitting KYC in their company name would be one of the easiest ways to achieve this, however I would suggest they first send an email to support@mb8coin.io with the name and/or ammendments they want made, the name they want on the account to be registered in so that we may change this on their behalf and guide them on information that may be required.

This document is based on speculation and while the opinion of the company may be that this stands this can in no way act as any form of garuntee in such an unpredicble and still emerging marketplace such as cryptocurrnecy is.

Regulation dependants on our Legal representation successfully gaining VFA status, although pre-approvals have been granted there are delays in Malta with regards to having this status made official. It is unlikely this will now be achieved before the 31st of March and we will be ending this ICO as previously stated at the end of March, this will allow for coin distribution, submission to exchanges etc. I do not yet have an official statement to deliver to customers from our legal representation however I can confirm we will still be perusing regulation after the 31st of March, In order to offer as much information as possible I will now verbally relay what we have been told to expect however as always do not take this as a certainty as items are always subject to change when the company feels it is in the best interests of our community and consumers: In short, we have been advised we can end this ICO at the end of March, It is then likely we will launch a second ICO for a short period that will mirror the original ICO, this will allow everything to be verified, audited and then submitted by our VFA agent to the Maltese government for regulation, we then expect to receive regulation at which point anyone holding MB8 Coin should be given the opportunity to exchange for Regulated MB8 Coin. This also means those that should a customer want to sell out earlier they may be able to do this an do not necessarily need to wait for the regulation to be completed, however those that are patient and do not sell will still have the opportunity to exchange to the regulated coin.

We have already covered this question with answer number three.

Once MB8 Coin gains sucessful exchange listings you will then be able to sell MB8 Coin and yes some exchanges as we already covered offer the ability to exchange listed coins for fiat currency.

To stake you need to hold your MB8 Coin in your QT Wallet. Provided the QT wallet is running and set for staking you will be staking and the rewards are paid out multiple time per day when you hit a block. The payout speed is variable dependent on the network load and your weight within the network. However previous network tests showed payouts on matured coins could be expected in under 1 minute. (matured coins have to be in wallet for three hours)

We can assure all customers that it is perfectly safe to upload KYC documents to the website, the website is behind a security firewall, additionally the website run on HTTPS security protocol to incrypt customer data between the customers computer and the server.. Optionally you could email KYC into the company directly also under support@mb8coin.io if preferred.

Great question, Yes, Multibuy have received very constructive feedback from a number of customers and these are already issued to different development teams to be implmented, so yes you will see many changes and advancements based on what customers want to see.

Bussinesses that register with the new Multibuy shop will be made aware during the application process of how the Gaurantee process works, if a customer has any issue with a product they should email support@multibuyshop.eu and Multibuy will deal with the business on behalf of the customer.

The answer of this questions dependant on what is meant by ‘account’. A Single wallet can have multiple wallet addresses within the wallet each of which can have separate balances that show seperately on the likes of a Blockchain Explorer.

The staking device from Jari is compatable with the MB8 Coin QT Wallet.

The company would encourage all customers to complete KYC as although currently this is not a legal requirement the intention is to become regulated at which KYC is likely to become mandatory.

The infrastructure has been planned to cope with large volumes or influxes however this will be subject to change dependant on what processes will best support the business and consumers.

Businesses are able to receive value by having the ability to display their products and services to an international market place via the Multibuy platforms, additionally key staff will be trained on both onboarding new businesses and maintaining relationships with existing businesses.

This will be launched soon, upon launch full information on how this will work will be provided.

All customers will receive a web based wallet containing their MB8 Coins, log in details and instructions on how to use post ICO, customers may then transfer their MB8 Coins to any support wallets including that held on the eccomerce platform.

Currently this is the intention of the company however at this stage no gaurantees can be given on the outcome and deployment. Once we have contracts and agreements in place we will update the community on how this may work.

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Absolutely fantastic update, thank you so much, you guys are simply the best 😘

Great transpaerency & all q fully answered.
Happy to be a Part of this project

I think the info you provided is interesting, I am a novis in this area I will watch with interest.

Thank you for Support ,
My name : Kham Siriphan , I would like to know when Multibuy webite can Open ?
When they Open can we withraw money from PR Account ?
And when can we get the mastercard we order long time ?

this is my teams ask
Thank you



Blockchain Scotland Support

Hi Kham,

Can you please forward these questions to support@linearegroup.com as we do not manage these areas.
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